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You need to have sturdyfile cabinet locks for effective security. These cabinets contain all your important files and documents in both office and home scenarios. Where else would you keep your bank statements, medical reports, tax records, business projects or insurance papers? You cannot leave these things at the mercy of guests and visitors. Similarly, with young children or pets at your home locking up the cabinet is the only way to keep things safe. Now what is going to happen when your file cabinet locks start to malfunction? You need to repair them fast. With Carrollton TX Locksmith Store local services you can rest easy. We provide all kinds of locksmith services to residents of Carrollton, TX area.

Dealing with all types of file cabinet locks

These locks are mostly of two types namely,

  1. Key based
  2. Key less

Carrollton TX Locksmith Store Carrollton, TX 972-941-3799As your one stop solution provider related to file cabinet locks, we deal with both the types. The related styles and the keying options vary. Pin tumbler lock is the commonest type in the key-based variety. It contains varying length pins on the inside. Tubular tumbler variety on the other hand contains horizontal, exposed pins. Cam locks contain plunger additional locks for opening and closing. Along with the locking internal mechanisms, you can also call us for installing padlocks.

Key less electronicfile cabinet locks are also quite common and our team can install this for you. Designs, shapes, models, sizes, and features vary. We can also install electric activated devices the latest advancements available in the market.

Rekeying services for your file cabinet locks

Besides the installation of new locks, you can also call Carrollton TX Locksmith Store locksmith team for rekeying solutions. This happens in case of compromised security of file cabinet locks. You might want an updated version of the existing locks but presently do not want to invest in a new product. In such situations, rekeying seems like a practical solution. We will be quite happy to help. Our firm offers on the spot key cutting and rekeying solutions.

Repairing broken locks successfully

We are always the proponents of lock repair and replacements are last resorts. The same is the case withfile cabinet locks. When you call us due to damage or malfunctioning locks, we will use the latest tools and technologies to intervene. If it is possible to salvage the device, we will do it for you.

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